Thursday, March 29, 2012

Best Romance First Lines

As I work on rewriting my dreaded first chapter, I've struggled with my first page. Over and over, I've written those first paragraphs, and over and over I've erased them. How can I grab my readers interest? This is where my favorite authors come in. I've opened up my Kindle and reviewed their books...and reread my favorite first lines. I thought I'd share some with you as they are good reminders to me of what I want to do.

Every time the New England Patriots chalked one up in the win column, Kevin Kowalski got laid. - Undeniably Yours, Shannon Stacey

You got busy in the backseat of a '78 Ford Granand with Joseph Kowalski - only the most reclusive bestselling author since J.D. Salinger - and you don't think to tell me about it? -
Exclusively Yours, Shannon Stacey

One upon a time, Minerva Dobbs thought as she stood in the middle of a loud yuppie bar, the world was full of good men. -
Bet Me, Jennifer Crusie

I've never known anyone who was stood up for her own divorce before, Tina Savage told her sister. -
Getting Rid fo Bradley, Jennifer Crusie

There was nothing dignified about peeing on a stick. -
Unexpected Complication, Amy Knupp

Penny Jackson knew that it was probably wrong to be so excited to see her ex-husband come crawling back, but she was willing to live with the character flaw. Delicious, Susan Mallery

Why are these first lines good? It makes you want to read! But how do these authors do it? Do they work on them repeatedly or does it just come to them?

I continue to pound away at my keyboard, but I know I will get there. Just give me time....And for now, I will share my first paragraph. ******Drum roll please*****

Amanda’s priority for the evening did not include a night of playing hide-and-touch boy toys with her friends. However, her roommate’s birthday became somewhat of a ritual and she couldn’t back out. Plus, she had some exciting news to share.

There you have it!  It will probably change by tomorrow, but what do you think?

What are your favorite first lines?


  1. Yes, Melinda, the dreaded first lines! I must have rewritten my twenty times... and then I decided to add two more chapters before my original first, and had to tweak the new one forever! I think it is the hardest part of the entire book.

    You've done good on it! Your beginning makes the reader ask a question... What is Amanda's news? Of course, we have to read on to find out. Just what you want. Good job!

  2. Thanks Chantel. Of course, I've already rewritten my first page since I posted this. LOL!

  3. By the way, I just downloaded my May 2012 copy of The Writer and there is a great article titled, "34 of the Most Memorable First Lines in Literature." Take a look if you can.