Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Tea 3/27/12

Tuesday's Tea - Grab a cup of tea (or coffee, or heck - a milkshake) and join me in book discussions or reviews. 

Today's review is about Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie.

Download book – Check
Read book – Check
Add Jennifer Crusie to one of my favorite author’s list – Check

My entire life, I have been a hard-core category romance reader. But, this past month I took a turn. Sure, I still love my Harlequin Super romance and Silhouette Special Edition authors, but move over cute and sweet Home and Family novels, and come to momma sassy and sexy contemporary romance! Jennifer Crusie has opened a new page in my romance reading era.

Jennifer Crusie has written contemporary romance for many years.  In fact, I picked up Crazy for You  in the past, but never kept reading (Why? I don't know.) After reading Bet Me over the weekend, I have found a new love for this funny author.

Bet Me is full of outrageous, but realistic characters. In fact, I’m not sure how Crusie keeps up with them all. No matter, all the characters are fantastic and have their own quirks. The female MC, Minerva, is an actuary who is known for being chubby. At first this threw me off, because most romance books are about skinny, size 2, good looking people. But, as I got to know Min, I learned that it was an even better reason to love her. The best part about Minerva was her sassy and sarcastic banter with the male MC, Cal. Cal is a good-looking player, who is not ready for commitment. He soon learns that he can’t stay away from Min, even when they both try their damndest to not see each other again.  Fate steps in and draws them together to form their own personal “fairytale.”  In the middle of all this destiny lays quirky characters that make me laugh and want to make friends with them myself.

All in all, I give Bet Me a 5*****, because there is nothing better than a page-turner with amusing characters, and a can’t- hide -from -love plot – even if Elvis Presley and Krispy Kreme is involved. 

Have you read Bet Me or other Jennifer Crusie books? I'm looking for my next to take on vacation with me. Any suggestions?


  1. Nice review, Melinda. I haven't read her yet, but put her on my list per your suggestion to me before. Sounds fabulous!

  2. You'll enjoy her Chantel! It's nice to have a laugh at the same time fall in love with the characters.

  3. I read Bet Me, and that put me on a Crusie binge! I've read about 5 more from her, including Faking It (which is awesome)! Getting Rid of Bradley is hilarious as well. Trust me you definitely can't go wrong with a Crusie.

  4. Thanks for the book suggestions! I just finished Getting Rid of Bradley (hilarious) and downloaded ánother. Cant WAIT!