Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Funny for Writers 4/23/12

Monday Funny for Writers

I ran across this video on Youtube and it's perfect for my new Work in Progress, Frequent Flyer. In Frequent Flyer, Hope is a "hopeless" clutz. Luckily she meets Dr. Colin Calaway, an orthopedic surgeon, who happens to remove a foot cast. Check out this video to see how it relates to my story.

And here is an excerpt from my WIP. Hope is the new principal in town who meets Dr. Colin Calaway the day before at school. Now she arrives at his clinic to remove her cast.
                With a sigh, she sat on the examining table and looked at her watch. Her lunch break just finished, but she had informed her secretary that she’d come back late. She had to meet with the Athletic Department to finalize the Family Sports Day plans, plus she had an administrators meeting at five. Since she received her Principal Certification six months ago, her dream had been to work as a middle school principal. Now that she obtained her first principal position in a new town, she didn’t want to let anyone down. First she had to take care of her foot.
She waited for Dr. Patel to come in and remove the beast that held her down. As she entered the clinic twenty minutes ago, she saw Dr. Calaway’s name on the clinic door and remembered the concerned father from the day before. Her cheeks blushed as she recalled Dr. Calaway saying goodbye. Did she hold it together enough for him to think she was a good principal? Hopefully he didn’t notice her rapid pulse and sweaty palms when she touched his arm to comfort him. Although he had been obviously nervous, she found his broad shoulders and smoldering green eyes extremely attractive. It had alarmed her so much, that she had to give herself pep talks in between their conversation. It had been a long time since she felt an immediate attraction to someone. She was a little P.O’d that it had to be with a student’s father, who was officially off limits.
 The door to the room opened and a familiar voice said, “Hello, Ms. Robinson.”
              Hope had to blink twice. Speak of the devil. “Dr. Calaway. What a surprise. Where’s Dr. Patel?”
                He smiled, scooted his wheeled-chair up to the table, and sat down. “To be honest, I looked up when you were coming so I could attend you.” 


  1. Too cute. :)

    That video is hilarious!

  2. I'm so excited for this book! I was lucky enough to read the first chapter, and I already love it! I can't wait to read more, Melinda!!

  3. Thanks to you both! I thought it was cute, too. I am loving this story. These characters are really speaking to me. Now, if I could just find the time to write!

  4. Sounds like a fun story. Looking forward to reading about your journey. :)