Monday, April 2, 2012

Query Time

Peanut Butter Query Time!

After so many years, I am ready to pitch my first novel. Exciting, right? Frightening is more like it. After working hard, I will hand over my baby to an editor in hopes of becoming published. The editor I am aiming for, Harlequin Romance, is accepting "Fasttrack Submissions." Woo hoo! There is a deadline of April 23 and authors will hear back by May 15. How do the editors do it? I don't know, but God bless them! Now, I am working on the dreaded query letter, synopses (2 pages only? How in the heck....) and my first chapter. Of course, I am still in the editing stage and my best critique partners have stepped up a notch at Thanks go out to Brittney, Linda, Judester, Jennifer, Kimberly, Rachelle!

Of course, in the middle of this news, I have a vacation planned for Easter. So, I'm heading out the door and leaving on a jetplane to the beautiful country of Panama. The small metropolian city and white sand beaches await, but I have this query on my mind! I hope I can enjoy my vacation.


or this? 

I choose the beach vacation! However, when I come back, I will be in super editor/writer mode. I probably won't be the nicest person to talk to, and maybe my kids will starve. All humor aside, I look forward to getting closer to my dream. I think you all for your support!

Ironically, one of my favorite blogs, Romance University, published an article today perfect for me. Funny how it works out that way, huh? Check it out when you ar ready to query: Four Key Elements Every Pitch Needs.


  1. Good luck, Melinda! I hope they pick you! And good luck on the dreaded synopsis! :-)

  2. Exciting news, Melinda!! I will be getting to the query stage after you, so I will be extremely interested to hear your experiences and views. I think it's a great idea to be on holiday first... especially in a place as beautiful as Panama. It will clear your head and get you back ready for this important stage. Will keep my fingers crossed!

  3. Melinda, enjoy your vacation and the white sand beaches. I'm excited for you and I better get cracking on the crits. :)