Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rafael and Melinda: How We Met

Thanks for joining me on my first Bloghop - 

How We Met! 

Our wedding day - 16 years ago!
Nothing is more romantic than a story of how you met your significant other. We all have a story. Now is your time to share. I hope you enjoy my husband and I's story. Today we celebrate 16 years of marriage. Wow! 16 years! We actually have been together for 20. Wow! 20 years!  I am so lucky to have him in my life. Here it is...

In Taos, NM on a hiking trip

It was in between my freshman and sophomore year in college and I decided to take two classes in the summer. Little did I know History 101 would change my life forever. I always sat in the front row, directly in front of the professor and took notes profusely. However, one day, when I walked in the door something spoke to me…. “Sit in the back.” I scooted to the middle of a back row and ended up sitting next to a very handsome…Rafael. Rafael asked me to copy  notes and I had to ask him at least three times to repeat what he said since he had a strong accent. He later told me that he was from Guatemala which I pretended to know where it was. That night I went home to find it on a map. Now, here I am married to my college sweetheart living in Guatemala. 

In Albuquerque, NM - Where we met

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  1. Sweet story! That's funny that you couldn't understand him and you looked up Guatamala on the map :)

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! That was a great story and I loved the pictures. Wow, Guatemala..sounds like an adventure :)


  3. What a great story!! This sounded like tons of fun so I added my link on the linky and my post is now up. Congratulations for a happy 20 years together and here's to 20 more, 30, 40 more as long as you both shall live!!! Have a wonderful day!!

  4. That's a sweet story, and happy anniversary. It's amazing how those little intuitions to do something different can change your life forever.

  5. Congratulations. Great idea for a hop so have signed up!

  6. Loved your story and congrats!!! I've had a blast reading all the tales from others.

  7. oh! I want to use this in my WIP! A handsome man with a strong accent. So intriguing! And to think it really happened to you! Swoon:)

  8. I mentioned on LG Keltner's "How We Met" post how interesting it is that our 6th sense kicks in to tell us something important - like where to sit in History 101! Lovely story!
    Some Dark Romantic

  9. ooooh, a handsome foreigner! Nothing more sexier. :D

  10. Aw! I remember going to the ABQ Balloon Fiesta every year we lived there. We didn't meet in NM, but my husband and I were married in ABQ.

  11. Oh! You guys are so cute together! Congratulations on 16 (20!) years. Great to hear your story!