Monday, July 9, 2012

Coffee and Chocolate...Oh My!

Monday Funny - July 9, 2012

Yesterday I bought a Coffee and Chocolate candle that is sitting in my "new" home office. Why did I do this to myself? As many writers know, having coffee (or chocolate) is a must to keep those creative juices flowing. For me anyway, and don't deny it.... there are many of you who need it too. So, this candle is a constant reminder of the NEED for one or the other in order to stay motivated. Ho hum! 

Just thought this was interesting.

In honor of my Coffee and Chocolate candle, I dedicate today's funny (and facts) to my motivators. Enjoy!

How I'm feeling at the moment. MUST HAVE MORE!
Hey! I live in the Bean Belt: Guatemala.
In fact, when I moved to Guatemala 16 years ago, my husband's family had a coffee plantation. Here is a picture of me with coffee beans about to be roasted. (See how young I was? Ah, those were the days).

Or writing words into sentences into novels....
Don't mention this to my kids.

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  1. LOL, I dig all of these pics! Especially that last one. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  2. LOL! I love the pics too. I love that pic of you with all the beans! Look how pretty you were even back then? Where was your awkward phase? Your bad hairdo? There are rules to growing up you know... :)

  3. I love the one about eating your vegetables!! LOL! In fact, I liked them all!! You're one pretty lady by the way! ;) Thanks for sharing Melinda!

  4. Funny stuff, Melinda! I had to give up caffeine for my headaches, so no more coffee and no more chocolate (okay - I cheat on the no chocolate rule every now and then). I would go crazy with a chocolate-scented candle. Love all the jokes and the pic of you is way cute!