Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Favorite Romantic Movie #1: Young Victoria

Yes! I have so many favorite movies, too. So, how can I just pick a few? Well, today I will focus on the last romance movie I viewed and loved.

Young Victoria -  Released in 2009. Director - Jean-Marc Vallee. The story of Queen Victoria's rule and her love with Prince Albert. What a beautiful rendition and the two actors, Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend, are gorgeous to look at. Just the look in their eyes when they stare at each other is enough to make my heart melt. Ahhhh...

If you don't know the history of her crown, this is a good introduction to her early ruling. She became queen at the ripe old age of seventeen. But, of course, the romantic in me loves Victoria and Albert's love story. They married, had 9 (yes 9!) children and Albert died young at the age of 42 from an illness. Victoria mourned his death for the rest of her reign.

Some of my favorite scenes:

She chooses him to dance at her coronation ball.

Playing chess as they get to know eachother. Albert's famous line: " Then you had better master the rules of the game until you play it better than they can. "

Prince Albert shows up after being summoned, and he knows she will proposed to him!

First loves on their wedding night.

Romantic quotes from the movie: (taken from imdb.com)

Princess Victoria: You don't recommend I find a husband to play it for me? 
Prince Albert: I should find one to play it with you, not for you. 


Prince Albert: I'm going back to England. 
Baron Stockmar: There must be a reason if you wish to visit Her Majesty. 
Prince Albert: Then find me a reason. 


Queen Victoria: [sobbing] I'm so sorry! I thought I was going to lose you! 
Prince Albert: I don't think he was a very good shot. 
Queen Victoria: Why did you do it? So stupid, why did you do it? 
Prince Albert: I had two very good reasons. First, I am replaceable and you are not. 
Queen Victoria: You are not replaceable to me! 
Prince Albert: Second, you're the only wife I've got or ever will have. You are my whole existence, and I will love you until my very last breath. 

If you haven't watched this movie yet, you better get to it! A wonderfully dreamy romance in between a historical tale of lovely and wise Queen Victoria.

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  1. I LOVE The Young Victoria! Every time the epilogue comes on, I think how this poor woman went 40 odd years without the love of her life. Such a tragic end to a beautiful love story *sigh*