Monday, August 27, 2012

Am I Tech Savvy? Monday Funny

Monday Funny - August 27, 2012

Guess what? I've entered the high-tech world! I got an Ipad! It may not be a big deal to you, but this is a big deal for me. Sure, I use my Kindle for reading, but that is about as far as I've gotten with these techy devices. So, I thought I'd share a funny commercial that I can relate to. Although the commercial is in a foreign language, I think you will get the drift. Enjoy!

Even though I don't think I am as bad as this man, I am learning slowly how to use this new toy device, especially in the classroom. When it comes to writing, I am still happy to have my good-ol' laptop. 

What experiences have you had with technology? 

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  1. I hope you enjoy your iPad as much as I've enjoyed mine. Never thought I'd use it for writing, but a Bluetooth keyboard makes it quite comfortable. It's fun to write sitting on the floor by a window.

  2. Not an iPad user, but I do have an Android tablet. I like to dictate story ideas while I'm driving, because sometimes you have to be on the move but inspiration will not wait!