Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Road to Publishing: First Steps

As an aspiring published author, I loved to read other's blogs about their "trips" into the published world. Since I have signed my contract with Entranced Publishing, I have been on a whirlwind of excitement. So, as promised, I will share my experiences of becoming a published writer as all the steps unfold. 

After signing the contract, I received a lot of information from my publisher. Below I will discuss a few of the fun steps I've been through.

1. Online Author Group - A wonderful asset of Entranced Publishing is the camaraderie between the soon-to-be published authors. We have an online group where we can post questions, find information from our editor, or just say hi. I have to tell you that Entranced Publishing has a great team of fun, chatty, uplifting authors. I suggest you visit their blogs or find them on twitter. Their links are below:

ST Bende
Elsker Series
Twitter: @stbende

Nicole Camp
Shadow Bled
Twitter: @NicolShadowbled

Ashley Christman 
(Publisher/Executive Editor)
Twitter: @AMChristman

Krystalyn Drown
Spirit World
Twitter: @KrysteyBelle

Rachel Kall
Legally Undercover
Twitter: @RachelKall

Lorna Peel
Only You
Twitter: @PeelLorna

Eden Plantz
Pride Goeth Before
Managing Editor at Entranced Publishing
Twitter: @EdenPlantz

2. Art Design for Book Cover - Receiving the art design form regarding my future book cover gave me the heebee jeebees. Every new author dreams of their new cover, and I couldn't wait to see mine. However, I had visions in my head of how it would look already. Knowing that someone else was really in charge shook me a little, because you never know if they have the same thoughts as the author. I didn't need to worry. Little did I know, my own publisher/editor, Ashley Christman, worked my cover herself, and she had the exact vision as I did! In fact, we both had the same couple idea without telling each other. I've already decided that Ashley is a superwoman! She worked my cover in less than a week and now the product is a fabulous cover. In fact, I want to stare at it non-stop, like a love-sick teenager. I think I will print it out and frame it for my office. 

What now? Actually a lot! I am working on a prequel novella to Time Changes Everything, currently titled Boy Next Door. I actually had it written up before, but never shared it with anyone but a few loyal critters (you know who you are!) It'll be sent to Entranced and hopefully released before the Time Changes Everything launch date of June 3, 2013.

Also, waiting on my first round of edits and then I know I will be super busy! Am I crazy in saying I can't wait? Remind me that I said that in about a month's time.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back next week for more about my Road to Publishing.



  1. Love this post! Keep up the great work. I'm really enjoying getting to know you:)

  2. Melinda, I am so, so happy for you! Isn't getting that first cover great? I made mine into a wallpaper for my computer so I could stare at it all the time! LOL

    Jake and Amanda's love story is so terrific. I can't wait to read the final product!

  3. What a fabulous post! You write so beautifully. I honestly can't wait to 'meet' your characters in the book AND the prequel!

  4. I'm not Superwoman, despite my best efforts, but I'm so glad to have you, Jake and Amanda as part of our entranced family.

  5. Ashley *claims* she's not superwoman, but I think she says that to keep her real identity a secret. This is such a great post, Melinda. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  6. So exciting, Melinda! I'm really happy for you!

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  8. Absolutely exciting! What else is there to say but congratulations and happy days:)

  9. Great post, Melinda! Look forward to following along on your journey. Love the backstage look at the work leading up to launch day!