Monday, October 15, 2012

Book Nerds Unite!

I confess! I'm a book nerd. I am ALWAYS reading. I actually read more than I write, which I probably shouldn't admit since I am an author. But, if I had to categorize myself, Reader would be #1 and writer would be #2. I have been reading some really great books lately. There's just been so many darn good releases. And I don't only read a book. I get caught up in one. Obsessively so. 

Does your life ever revolve around your reading? 
Dinner? Oh, yeah.... let me just finish this page.
Shower? Sure, I just have one more chapter.
Talk to you? Um, okay. But, will you speak with a British accent like Mr. Darcy?

Sadly, I can be a bit overboard. 

 I only hope that one day my readers will feel the same as they read my books. They will be so enthralled that they give up on real life and live in la-la land. Actually, I don't wish that on my readers, but I at least wish that they enjoy my books so much, that they can't wait to read mroe.  

Today's funnies are dedicated to book nerds, alike. Have you ever felt like this?

Me on countless ocassions.

Of course, this doesn't happen so much with ebooks.

I'm in a book hangover right now.


  1. OMG, LOVED this post, Melinda! Although I am a writer first and a reader second, I truly believe my love for writing sprang from my love for reading (if that even makes sense, LOL). I can relate to EVERY one of those hysterical graphics, especially the first one. I can't tell you how many times that has been me and will surely be again. Probably this week! :D

    Thanks for a delightful post!

  2. I love the "I read the book first!" one. So true for me! Thanks for making me smile this Monday. (:

  3. All of these are so true! Glad you liked the post. Happy Monday.

  4. Great post! My favorite line has always been...I read the book first!

  5. I'm such a nerd, I'll read the book first, but then I'll also read it again after just to remind myself why the book was SOOO much better! LOL Great post, Melinda!

  6. Adorable, Melinda. Scarily enough...I relate to them all (the comics, too...) Thanks for the laugh!