Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tools for Writing - Software Organization Tip

Wednesday Writing Tip

Have you ever felt like the picture above? I sure have! In fact it's almost a daily occurence. I am what writer's call - a PANSTER - actually a half-way panster, if that exists. Most of my ideas are in my head and stay there until I get a scene out on paper. As I get older, there's only so much my head can carry. This summer I had a breakdown and decided I needed a panster-friendly writing program to help me stay focused and motivated to write. Here is what I found!

A writer's software program .... I mean, can it get better than that? A program geared for someone like me... an author... who is a mess at times.... who needs to oragnize characters, thoughts, scenes, research, pictures, lists, and you name it! Writeway Pro Writing Software is the software I found suitable for me.

I went from this:

These are my character notes for Frequent Flyer

To this:

My heroine notes - She looks better, doesn't she?

The notebook was not doing it for me. I always kept it by the bed (and to be honest it's still there for emergency brainstorming), but what if an idea came to me as I worked on the computer? No time to search down my notebook. A computer is a much easier way to keep my ideas, scenes, descriptions all huddled together in one ORGANIZED place. Another downside of the notebook was the way I organized everything. I had a characters section, then a chapters section, then research section, then favorite lines section. But somehow they always intermingled and my sections turned into a section. Not good.

Some of the great features that help me organize my panster mind are:


Word Count Report

I could go on and on, and since I'm not a salesperson for Writeway, I won't. 

The point is... a writer should find the system that works for them. 

I hear other writers swear by Scrivener. I checked into it and it did look great. However, for me it was more overwhelming. I just wanted a program that was simple and close to a normal WORD program. Writeway worked for me.

So, my writer's advice to you is to find a way to organize yourself. It makes a world of difference! I am 75% through my newest WIP and I know I wouldn't be as far along if I didn't invest in this program.

You, too, can finally look like this:

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Melinda. I really need to check into this program. Part of me resists giving up my notebook and purple pen, though. So happy to hear the new WIP is coming along so fast! Terrific!

  2. I'm a pantser too... someone once joked that I'm a half-pantser and sometimes having my pants around my knees trips me up. LOL! Anyway, I love the look of this. I've been happily using One Note but I'm thinking this might be even better. Thanks for sharing and glad you've joined in WWoW!

  3. I'm definitely a pantzer and work on multiple projects at the same time. This program looks like it would help me out a LOT! I am one of those people who have specific notebooks for each project, but if I'm somewhere outside of my home and an idea hits me that needs to go in a notebook not in my purse...well, you see the problem and the paper/notebook mountain I have!

    Thank you for the wonderful tip!

  4. Ooh-you have me so intrigued. I'll definitely look into writing software.

  5. This would be awesome for me! I have a notebook with spare pages crammed in it and I'm always getting them mixed up, lol. I'm going to look into this for sure! Thanks for sharing. I need more organization in my life :D

  6. Great post, Melinda! It sounds like we have similar writing styles, so I found this especially useful. I agree with you that it's important to find a software system that works best with your writing style. I also know people who rave about Scrivener, but it seems counter-intuitive for my style of writing (like you, I prefer something closer to Word, just with space for notes, research, etc.) I'll definitely take a look at this. Thanks for the tip!!