Friday, November 16, 2012

Review: The Spirit of Christmas by Liz Talley

Title: The Spirit of Christmas
Author: Liz Talley
Publisher: Harlequin
My Rating: 4 Stars

The Spirit of Christmas is a charming story perfect for the holidays.

I have been a die-hard Super romance reader for many years. Since I’ve wanted to get into the “Spirit” of all things holidays, I thought this would be a nice read.  The story started off slowly. We don’t meet the hero until chapter 2, and I kept waiting for him. The first chapter did a nice job at introducing us to Mary Paige Gentry, the altruistic heroine.  So, I kept reading. Boy, am I glad I did. These two characters tugged at my heart. 

Brennan Henry is all business. His eyes are always on the end number and he worked hard to get to the top of his family’s multimillion dollar company.

Mary Paige Gentry got caught doing good and now is the face of “The Spirit of Christmas” for the Henry family business.  My favorite line to describe her? “Mary Paige Gentry, pea-scooping rebel of 2012.”

Immediately, these two think they don’t like one another. Of course, their hearts say different. They come to the realization that they need each other and that opposites DO attract. 

Another piece of story that caught my interest was the setting - New Orleans. Born in Louisiana, this was a nice reminder of my childhood and visiting Vieux Carre. What a fun place for a Christmas romance!

There’s a nice mixture of sweetness, discovery, romance and humor. I actually had to control my laughter at one point.  A pull at the old “Christmas Carol” story was nice too. One of my favorite scenes is when Brennan’s grandfather persuades Brennan to be a better man and go for happiness in life.

 “Remember the children beneath the robes?”
“Ignorance and Want,” Brennan said to himself, his mind clicking as he grasped the implications.”
“Don’t let them win.”

        If you want to get into the Christmas spirit, with a dollop of romance, humor and fun, pick this book up on November 29!

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