Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guest Author: Nicole Camp

Want to meet the modern writing wonder woman? What a pleasure to have fellow Entranced Author, Nicole Camp, with us today. Nicole has written 3 books which will be published between March and June with Entranced Publishing and all of them sound amazing. Check each one out below:

Shadow’s Rising : release date March 2013
For nearly two hundred years the city of Aria has been under siege. 

Salcon reigns supreme and rules all he touches with a heart of darkness, seeking to conquer the last Navean city free of his control.

Enslaved to Salcon’s will and struggling to find hope in a life without any - one brother will give everything he has to save the other, and his sacrifice will change our world forever.

Shadow’s Born : release date April 2013
Eighteen year old Raffin has tried to blend in on Earth, even though he’s not completely human. 

Getting the girl of his dreams would have been enough adventure for Raffin, saving a race wasn't part of the plan. But now, he’s face to face with a truth right out of his nightmares.  

Created for vengeance, Raffin becomes aware of the fact that he was meant to end humanity. Being influenced by his Sire’s memories, and caught up by the allure of power, Raffin struggles to remain true to himself. 

Taken to a world away from his own, unlike any place he's ever known, a dark threat from his family’s past emerges there. Equally matched with the enemy, when only one will live, Raffin must win or die trying. The fate of two worlds depends on him.

And here is the book trailer! 

Magic&Meru: release date June 2013
Dream or reality, seventeen year old Bethany Song doesn’t know, and she doesn’t want to. The last thing she remembers is shattering her Aunt’s mirror and falling through the pieces, tumbling down into a hay cart.

Unconscious or not, now she’s trapped in the last place she ever wanted to be, a land full of magic and dragons, fairytales have nothing on this place. 

In the land of Ipsum there’s an evil Prince, a good witch and wizard, and she’s followed by baby dragon Parump. Most irritating of all is the dark and mysterious, Persk, who wants to rescue her - when she doesn’t need his help at all.

Bethany hopes she’ll just wake up from this nightmare, but until then, this modern girl will have to follow a dangerous quest, to get home.

About Nicole Camp:
I am a rabid writer, sometimes artist, and ice cream lover who lives in Arizona with my family and two pets. I am always tirelessly scribbling down ideas for my next book or writing project. When not writing, I am exploring the world through amateur photography, happily and randomly snapping pictures of my surroundings.

Even better, here is Nicole Camp's Author Introduction on the Entranced Publishing Youtube Site. 

Be sure to add these books to your TBR list! You don't want to miss them!

I love to hear from my readers. Let me know what you think about Nicole's books by commenting below.

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  1. So exciting, Nicole! The books sound awesome! So happy for you!

  2. Entranced seems to publish cool stuff. Congrats, Nicole! I especially love the Shadow Bound cover. Very mysterious and intriguing.