Sunday, January 20, 2013

New York Minute: Six Sentence Sunday

I was sad to hear that Six Sentence Sunday will be coming to an end on January 27. So, I thought I'd participate in the last  #sixsunday's with my current WIP. 

Six Sentence Sunday is a day where published or non published authors share six sentences from their work. I will share my first six sentences from my newest WIP, New York Minute. I will pick up where I left off last week. 

Chloe and Veronica

     They walked another block and Chloe stopped in front of the Aria Lounge. “Here it is.”
     Other women grouped up in the entrance, pretty women, dressed for success ... or sex. Veronica looked  down at her simple black dress and green fitted jacket with a swooshy scarf around her neck, and wished she wore something else. All these other ladies had low cut blouses, too-tight pants, or short skirts that didn’t leave too much to the imagination. Veronica looked -- blah. 

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