Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blogiversary Event Coming Soon!

Mark Your Calendars!
March 6 - 11
One Year Blogiversary Bash

Just a little preview of what to expect...


5-page Manuscript Critiques by Entranced Publsihing editors, Ashley Christman and Eden Plantz, authors Lindsey Louckes, Kimberly Comeau, Melinda Dozier

Query Critique from author ST Bende

Ebooks/Print Book from authors Chantel Rhondeau, Michele Shriver, Rachel Kall, Kara Leigh Miller, Paloma Beck, Kimberly Comeau, Lacey Wolfe, Serena Zane, Rachelle Ayala, Christina McKnight

Amazon Gift Certificates from Louise Gornall and Melinda Dozier

Books given away include:



Please come celebrate my one year of blogging. I hope to see you there!


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