Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to Beat the Rejection Blues #Wwow #writingtip


Face it! Rejection and writing go hand in hand, be it with a publisher, an agent, or from a bad review. 

Having just lived through another rejection last week, Here's what I did (and normally do.)
1. Cry. Yep, I'm a sap.
2. Play computer games... to hell with that manuscript waiting for me.
3. Put my Kindle in the drawer... why did those authors make it and I didn't?
4. Drink some wine... and more wine... and WHINE.
5. Wake up and try it all again.

I've had to rethink about how to get past those rejection blues. If I could skip the whole day of feeling blah, I would, but I personally think it's good to get it out of our system.. Then what? What can we do? Here's my advice.

1. Let it sink in, sit there for a few minutes and then move on. If you dwell on the pain for too long, it will destroy your motivation, will power, or kill off your muse. We don't want that!

2. Learn from your rejection. Sometimes an editor/agent will give you advice in their rejection letter. Use these suggestions to improve your manuscript. It's all a learning experience!

3. Review a publisher/agent guidelines carefully. Sometimes your manuscript can simply be rejected based on not following directions.

4. Know you're not the only one. We all face rejection. Check out this great blog post. 50 Iconic Writers Who Were Rejected

5. DON'T STOP WRITING! If you stop, they've beat you. You are a winner. You can do it. Fix it. Make it better.Move on.

Self-publishing Rejection

Some great author's advice:
“I tell writers to keep reading, reading, reading. Read widely and deeply. And I tell them not to give up even after getting rejection letters. And only write what you love.”
—Anita Diamant

“Every rejection is incremental payment on your dues that in some way will be translated back into your work.”
—James Lee Burke

Snoopy's rejection response

Chin up! Keep writing! Move forward!

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  1. Rejection does suck. When I get a rejection I share it with a close writer friend of mine and we spend a few hours stroking each others egos then we both go about our way. It helps.

  2. I live famously in my mind, so I haven't had anything ready to submit. I've had some critiques, and I take those fairly well. I had a few short stories rejected, but I've since published them on Amazon.

    I drink beer, so that helps, too. :D

  3. Great advice, Melinda, and it sounds like you have a great plan. It's okay to feel bad for a little while, but then get back in there and keep writing. I can't wait for your pending release to come out!! Yay!

  4. Rejections are no fun. I'm sorry you got one. Thanks to someone on a loop I came up with my email sigline though that might help you refocus those blahs into power:
    ​~Rejections are the life blood of writing, and acceptance is the heart beat.~