Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blogiversary Winners!


Thank you all for your support! We had some amazing prizes and the winners should hear from the author/editor shortly. 
AND, the winners are...

Awesome Author/Blogger/Editor Prize Winner
Ashley Christman First 5-page Critique Christina Mcknight
Eden Plantz First 5-page Critique Janna Shay
Lindsey Louckes First 5-page Critique Patricia Camburn
ST Bende Query Critique Lindsey Louckes
Louise Gornall $10 Amazon Kelly Ford P
Michele Shriver Sixth South Leslie Radigan
Kara Leigh Miller Love by Number/Never Date a C op Renee Giraldy
Rachel Kall Too Close to Home Kimberly Comeau
Chantel Rhondeau Crime and Passion Meredith Johnson
Kimberly Comeau 5-Page Critique/Moon's Kiss ST Bende
Christina McKnnight Only in Her Dreams Sandy Cassels Howe
Lacey Wolfe The Brookfield Series Elizabeth L
Serena Zane The Hunter Diaries Maria Smith
Rachelle Ayala Michal's Window/Broken Build/Hidden Michele Shriver
Mysti Parker A Ranger's Tale & Serenya's song Iris Yeo
Liberty Ann Ireland 5-pageCritique Kara Leigh Miller
Sara @ Harlequin Junkie The One that Got Away & Hitched Rachel Kall
Paloma Beck Coming Home Mary Jo

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