Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors - WIP New York Minute #8Sunday

Another week has already passed and I'm back with more of my WIP, New York Minute
Chloe has dragged Veronica to a Speed Dating event. Veronica is not happy.

As for herself, she didn’t care if she found a date, but for her friend she’d endure this speed dating concept.
It’d been awhile since she went on a decent date. For some reason, she attracted the nerdy-type ... thick glasses, pocket protectors, the works. Yet, they weren’t her type at all. A tall, dark figure came to mind from her co-worker’s wedding a few weeks ago ... now, he was her type. Tall, dark, Latin, with tattoos splayed on his arm...and other parts that surprised her.
She laughed at herself, because no one would even guess that he was the type of man that turned her on. Little sweet accountant Veronica had a hidden, seductive side that would shock the panties off her friends. 

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  1. Nice! Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm she is not!

    Good post :-)

  2. A "good girl" with a penchant for naughty. ;) Love it.

  3. Fun snippet. I like the internal you portray with this character.
    My 8

  4. She's a very appealing, naughty person LOL. Terrific snippet, hope she meets either the guy from the wedding or someone along those lines!

  5. As I said in a line from Blue 52 scheduled to be released in December, "It's the quiet ones who always shock you, Henry."

  6. Love this snippet. Veronica is such a reserved-seeming person that it's nice to get this further insight into her character. Great job!

  7. Nice! Now how did she know about those other tattoo in places that surprised her? I'm an accountant. Accountants aren't always quiet or sweet. Sometimes we... Never mind. Great excerpt.

  8. Well written. I can feel Veronica's vixen side. Loved this --shock the panties off her friends. Good one.