Saturday, April 20, 2013

Book Tour - Spirit World by Krystalyn Drown

It's a pleasure to have Krystalyn Drown at my blog today! WELCOME!

Title: Spirit World
Author: Krystalyn Drown
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Entranced Publishing, Blush
Release Date: April 8, 2013


All Riesa Adair wants is a normal life. With the end of high school only months away and an outstanding GPA to bolster her college plans, that doesn't seem like too much to ask. Unfortunately, the voices screaming in her head keep getting in the way. Somewhere between her summer in a mental institution and her stepfather's attempt at an exorcism, she's learned to keep quiet about her situation. But, pretending to be normal hasn't prevented the spirit world from taking notice of her. Both sides of an ever-present war have focused in on her. Now she'll need all the help she can get to escape a powerful Spirit threatening to fulfill a prophecy that endangers the entire human world.


Krystalyn spent thirteen years working at Walt Disney World in a variety of roles: entertainer, talent coordinator, and character captain. Her degree in theatre as well as many, many hours spent in a dance studio, helped with her job there.

Her various other day jobs have included working in zoology at Sea World, as an elementary teacher, and currently as a support technician for a website. In the evenings, she does mad writing challenges with her sister, who is also an author.

Krystalyn lives near Orlando, Florida with her husband, son, a were cat, and a Yorkie with a Napoleon complex. Spirit World is her second novel. 


I recently attended a book signing where a number of authors were asked the question, “Why do you write YA?” Most of them answered something like, “I didn't know it was YA at the time. It was just the story that came to me.”

Afterward, I got to thinking what my answer would be to that question. I most certainly knew I was writing YA. It's what I enjoy reading, so I believe it's a natural extension of that. Like many YA authors, I'm stuck mentally somewhere between the ages of 12-17. Of course, I'm not that age anymore. I have a job, a kid, and a house, but I like to live vicariously through my characters. I allow them to do things I never had the guts to do. I allow them to speak loudly and make bad decisions and experience things for the first time. I think the teenage years are some of the most exciting years of a person's life, and while I wouldn’t want to repeat it for anything, I enjoy seeing how my characters deal with it.

Riesa, in particular, is interesting because she's right on that cusp of adulthood. She turns eighteen in the novel, and she has to make hard decisions that turn her from a kid into a person who can stand on her own.

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