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[Book Tour] The Georgia Corbins by Kara Leigh Miller

Title: The Georgia Corbins
Author: Kara Leigh Miller
Publisher and Imprint: Entranced Publishing
Genre: YA contemporary romance
Release Date: June 10 2013
Length: 265 pages

Ali Philips never thought anything could be more devastating than the day Levi and Tucker Corbin, her two best friends—her only friends—moved away. Three years passed without a single phone call, text message, or email from them and she’s resolved to the fact that she will probably never see them again. Until one morning when she comes face-to-face with Levi Corbin in physics class. 

Little does she know, the Corbins have returned to Haldeen with only one thing on their minds: winning Ali’s heart. Ali soon finds herself in the middle of a love triangle she doesn’t want any part of. As she tries to reclaim the friendships she’s lost and to adjust to the unfamiliar feelings she’s having, she struggles with making the one decision that will forever change their lives: Levi or Tucker Corbin? 

She’s always had a special bond with Tucker and feels most comfortable when she’s with him. But Levi brings her to life in a way she didn’t think was possible and makes her feel things she didn’t think she would ever feel. Torn between the two, Ali is certain of only one thing–by the time it’s over, she’ll lose one of her best friends.


To celebrate the release of The Georgia Corbins, Kara Leigh Miller is giving away exciting prizes. The Grand Prize, which is open to US residents only, includes a signed copy of The Georgia Corbins, The Georgia Corbins hardcover journal and postcards, The Georgia Corbins tote bag, Kara Leigh Miller pens and notebooks, and Legasea bookmarks.

Second and third prizes are an ebook copy of The Georgia Corbins, and one lucky person will win a first chapter critique. International entries are welcome. Good luck! Winners will be announced July 1st.

About the Author:

Born and raised in the small town of Mexico, New York, Kara was an only child who was forced to find ways to entertain herself. Playing make believe with her Barbie dolls and stuffed animals was her first real taste of storytelling before she became old enough to develop a love affair with the written word. In early 2010, Kara picked up her very first erotic romance novel, and she was instantly hooked. She loves to write contemporary romance, erotica, and young adult romance. Currently she has several full-length novels in the works, a series of novellas, and a handful of short stories. Kara is an active member of the CNY Creative Writers CafĂ© and the CNY Romance Writers. Today, Kara resides in New Haven, New York with her husband, five kids, and three cats. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s thinking about reading and writing. And when she’s not doing that, she’s spending time with her family and friends.

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We're very lucky today since we have special guests --- Levi and Tucker from The Georgia Corbins. Let's have a little fun. How about The Ultimate Showdown? Which boy knows more about Ali? 

Levi vs. Tucker – The Ultimate Showdown

Melinda: Welcome to the blog, Levi and Tucker. So, I hear you two have been fighting over the young, beautiful Ali Philips.

Tucker: Yup.

Levi: *sighs and shakes his head* No. We're not fighting. We agreed to let her make the choice and we'd both deal with it.

Tucker: Yeah, but I'm clearly winning.

Levi: In your dreams!

Tucker: You know I am. *grins really slow and crosses his arms over his chest*

Levi: Whatever, Tuck. *rolls his eyes*

Melinda: Okay, boys, let's settle this once and for all, shall we? You're both here today to play a rapid round of "Who Knows Ali Best." Each correct answer earns you one point. The player with the most points after one minute wins. A coin toss will determine who goes first. Ready? Call it. *throws a quarter in the air*

Levi & Tucker: Heads! *they glare at each other*

Melinda: Tails. Okay, let's try this again. Tucker, call it.

Levi: Why does Tucker get to call it?

Melinda: *sighs* Are we really going to argue over the coin toss?

Tucker: Tails.

Melinda: *looks at Levi* Heads okay with you?

Levi: Yeah, fine, whatever. 

Melinda: Okay, good. *throws quarter again* Tails. Tucker goes first.

Tucker: *smiles*

Levi: Figures.

Melinda: All right, Tucker, I'm going to ask you a series of questions and you have to answer as fast as possible, because the more questions I ask, the more points you can earn. Ready?

Tucker: Yeah.

Melinda: What is Ali's favorite color?

Tucker: Purple.

Melinda: Ali's favorite food?

Tucker: Chicken and biscuits.

Melinda: Ali's favorite drink?

Tucker: Sprite.

Melinda: Ali's favorite movie?

Tucker: My Best Friend's Wedding.

Levi: *laughs*

Tucker: *flips Levi the middle finger*

Melinda: What does Ali want to be when she grows up?

Tucker: A mermaid. *laughs*

Melinda: Ali's best friend?

Tucker: Me.

Melinda: Okay, time's up. I asked you six questions. You did not get all of them correct. Levi, I'm going to ask you the same six questions. Ready?

Levi: Yup.

Melinda: What is Ali's favorite color?

Levi: Blue.

Melinda: Ali's favorite food?

Levi: Chicken and biscuits.

Melinda: Ali's favorite drink?

Levi: Root beer floats.

Melinda: Ali's favorite movie?

Levi: Scream.

Tucker: *laughs* Al don't like scary movies.

Levi: You don't know anything about her.

Melinda: *sighs with frustration* What does Ali want to be when she grows up?

Levi: A lawyer

Melinda: Ali's best friend?

Levi: Cass.

Tucker: Cass is not Al's best friend. We've always been her best friends. Me, specifically.

Levi: You didn't even like her when we first met her.

Melinda: Okay, okay, that's enough.

Tucker: I liked her just fine. I just didn't like how you were all gooey eyed over her.

Levi: Jealous?

Tucker: Not of you. Al has always liked me better.

Levi: No, Ali just felt sorry for you for getting into so much trouble.

Tucker: Most of the time Al was by my side getting into trouble.

Levi: Yeah, and who does she always run to when she needs help? *smiles a lopsided grin*

Tucker: You smile like an idiot.

Levi: And you're just an idiot.

Melinda: *throws question cards in the air and walks away with a huff*

Tucker: Hey! Who won?

Levi: Yeah, who won?

Melinda: I think you're both winners, but what really matters is what Ali thinks. Guess we need to read your story to find out. Thank gentlemen for being here. Nothing like the Georgia boys!

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  1. Thanks for letting Levi & Tucker duke it out on your blog today, Melinda =)