Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Time Changes Everything #WeWriWa #8Sunday

It's been awhile since I participated in the Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday. It's great to be back! Weekend Writing Warriors choose 8 sentences from a WIP or published work to share on Sunday. Today I will share 8 sentences from my debut release, Time Changes Everything.

I will share the first 8 sentences from the novel. That's always a good start!

AMANDA’S PRIORITIES FOR THE evening did not include a night of playing hide-and-touch-boy-toys with her friends. But over the years, her roommate’s birthday had become a ritual, so she couldn’t back out.
She took a deep breath and walked down the steps of the newest after-work hotspot, Manahatta’s Bar and Grill. The second she opened the door, music rushed to her ears. She moved through the tangle of bodies, passing the bar stacked with shot glasses and alcohol bottles, to the back of the restaurant where her friend waited. Chloe waved Amanda over while she tried to shimmy herself into the booth.
“How can you squeeze into a booth wearing a tight skirt like that?” Amanda placed her Donna Karan purse on the seat and slid in, at the same time admiring the new matching shoes--her early-morning splurge to celebrate her latest accomplishment.

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  1. Very descriptive - I feel like I'm there at the bar too. Terrific snippet!

  2. Scene is set nicely. Great snippet :)

  3. Great description - you bring me right into the scene!

  4. Great opening! Your descriptions really put me there with them. Welcome back to WWW!

    ~Joyce Scarbrough

  5. Very nice description! I like the purse and shoes too detail.

  6. Great job. I got the atmosphere of the bar scene clear as a bell. Impressive to do in only 8 sentences.

    History Sleuth's Milk Carton Murders