Saturday, July 13, 2013

Authors Who Break the Rules

We're still on a roll! Authors LOVE to break the rules, so of course our characters do too! Let's read more about our Rule Breakers!

Paloma Beck, Author of Hold My Hand
How did I break the rules when I wrote Hold My Hand?
I made the story personal and included elements that hit very close to home. When I decided to write for publication, I intended to hold back enough of myself that my characters wouldn't have too much of my personality or issues in them. I blew that out of the water when Aubrey came to me and demanded her story be written. I broke the rules and I'm so glad I did.

How has Aubrey broken the rules?
Aubrey thinks the relationship William wants with her might be breaking the rules she's lived by her whole life. She may not be tight with her family but she's always had her faith. When she decides to break the rules -going against the church's teaching- she comes to realize that sometimes rules are all about interpretation.
How did I break the rules?
This is a difficult question for me because I am the ultimate rule follower. Call me crazy, but that’s just me. So I thought about this and wondered when I did something that I theoretically shouldn’t have. When I rescued my dog Zoe from a high kill shelter, my husband had specifically told me when I called him to tell her what I was doing that a) he didn’t want another dog and b) I should not get another dog. Under no circumstances is what he said. Well you know what I did? I broke the rules. I left work, drove down to the animal control, and busted Zoe out. Years later my husband is glad I broke the rules:)

How does my character break the rules?
Alex Popov is a high powered attorney with her eyes set on partnership. When Alex is faced with evidence provided by the FBI that her client contact Pedro Martin is involved in illegal arms trading, she breaks the rules. She decides to trust in him and goes against the FBI even when the evidence is stacked against Pedro. Was she right? Check out Legally Undercover to find out!

Tammy Dennings Maggy, Author of For the Love of Quinn
How I broke the rules
When it comes to romance, there are many “rules” a writer should follow in order to appeal to specific publishers. Well, I broke several with For the Love of Quinn (Now and Forever). First and foremost, the novel is HUGE at well over 200,000 words.  The heroine isn’t a young twenty-something either. She’s just like me, over forty with a successful career as a veterinary surgeon. She’s also MARRIED when she meets and falls in love with the two men who would change her life forever. One would be with her through thick and thin and the other is her soul mate, searching for her through each and every lifetime. I made one of the heroes confused and unsure that he was the one for her.  More often than not, publishers want sure, confident heroes who know what they want and go out and get it. I wanted to show real life situations with these characters because I lived it myself.

How my characters broke the rules
Quinn stays in a loveless and sexless marriage because of a promise she made to an old woman on her death bed. This seems honorable on the surface, but ultimately it ends up causing her years of unnecessary sadness and pain.  She decides to finally enjoy herself on a trip to Las Vegas, determined to let whatever happens in Vegas stay there, but her heart had other plans.  Not one, but two men stake claims on her affections.  Casino owner Steve Eischer is the first to have her in his bed and determined to keep her there for as long as she’ll have him.  Jake Hartley, the classic bad boy is nearly struck dumb when his eyes meet with hers on the dance floor. Never before had he felt a pull so strong. He wants her, but more than just a one night stand.  He pursues her even though it’s clear Steve will do whatever it takes to keep her.  

Ultimately, Quinn finds herself in love with both men and yet unable to give herself completely to either one because of her bad marriage.  The guilt she feels over this overwhelms her and yet she can’t stay away from either one of them. She relies more and more on Steve to escape her nasty husband and yet her heart also yearns for Jake even after he shatters her world by agreeing to marry another.

Will Steve be able to move heaven and earth to give her the happiness she deserves  or will he lose her forever to a broken heart?  Read For the Love of Quinn to find out.


  1. Thanks for including Aubrey and her story, Hold My Hand, in your post today. :)

  2. You know that major rule: leave out anything that doesn't advance the plot. Well, it all authors followed that, we'd end up with some pretty short and rather dull books to read.

  3. Interesting post, I'm glad I made the trip. Some rules are meant to be broken.