Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our Favorite Heroes -- Ull, Jake, Colin are back Like Never Before!

We're at it again!!!

ST Bende, author of Elsker and Endre, and I love to have fun! Today we're featuring our favorite heroes -- those from our books. 

First, we have to see them shake and wiggle. Starring Ull (from Elsker), Jake (from Time Changes Everything), Colin (from Breaking the Rules) and a sneak peek at two new characters you will meet later this year, Ty (from Trouble with Gold) and Grant (from Time Out, Valentine)

Ull (Alexander Skarsgard), Jake (Matt Bomer), Colin (Chris O'Donnel), Ty (from Trouble with Gold) and Grant (from Time Out, Valentine)

It's no lie that ST has actually met her hero, Alexander Skarsgard. Yep! For reals. Here's a photo to prove it. And check out this blog post for more details & photos: The Day I Met Ull

So, it's only fair that I "pretend" that I met my heroes too (thanks to

Here I am with Jake (aka Matt Bomer) from Time Changes Everything. Jake's a bigshot lawyer in new York City. You can read Jake's story today ... available at all ebook retailers! 

Now, I'm happy to introduce my latest hero, Dr. Colin Calaway (aka Chris O'Donnel). Colin is a successful doctor, but also a dad busy raising his son alone. When he meets Hope Robinson, his son's principal, he tempts her to break the rules. Breaking the Rules was released on July 8 from Crimson Romance. Check it out!

Now that you've briefly met our heroes, it's time to go buy those books so you can really get to know them. Thanks for stopping by today!

Time Changes Everything by Melinda Dozier

Breaking the Rules by Melinda Dozier

Elsker by ST Bende

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