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[Book Review] Knock Love Out by Pella Grace #SwoonRomance #5Stars

Knock Love Out by Pella Grace

"I want to have an affair. Rolling across bed sheets. Pinned against the wall." --Lilla King

This Adult-New Adult mash-up is an extremely steamy contemporary romance that tells the story of Cash, a 24-year-old grocery clerk and Lilla, a 30-something unhappily married woman who fall for one another.

Warren Cash Valentine is an artist moonlighting as a cashier in his family's failing grocery store. 

On the surface he appears to be your typical smart ass, cocky 24 year-old, but underneath lies a man who is highly gifted and passionate about embracing life to the fullest.

Lilla King is a woman stuck in the winter of her life.

At 39 years-old, her marriage and career are failing which leaves her desperate to find a spark that will jump-start her woeful heart and get her back on course to finding her passion for life. 

One man's wife is another man's lover. 

Can you keep a secret?

Knock Love OutKnock Love Out by Pella Grace
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! Just. Wow! I didn't know what to expect when I picked this book up. I don't normally like to read "Cougar" stories or about someone cheating on their spouse. BUT I am SO SO SO happy I bought this. From page one, it had me hooked!

"I want to strangle my husband and slam the door as I leave." Words that I think many women can relate to, but Lilla actually lives through a tough marriage feeling unimportant and unnoticed.

Until Cash steps in. Cash, a much younger guy, is the complete opposite of Lilla's husband and exactly who she needs, so she can be who she needs to be.

Cash is so full of life. So unexpected. Young, yes, but as he would say, "Who gives a fuck?" He embraces life day by day and isn't afraid to love his "honey-girl." He's every woman's fantasty - romantic and real, artistic and full.

"I'm trying to make you see. You're just like the colorful sky, Lilla, this beautiful creation, forgotten. Hidden wonders unseen, by those who don't bother to look any longer. I look. I can see them."

I highlighted so many great words in this book that I can't share them all. It was deep. It was sexy. It was sensational!

Do NOT miss reading this. It's so worth it!

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