Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[Book Tour] Craving Her Rough Diamond Doc by Amalie Berlin

Craving Her Rough Diamond Doc
By: Amalie Berlin

Her hunky outdoor doc...

Her first sighting of Dr. Wyatt Beauchamp is of him with his shirt off—all deliciously bronzed corded muscle and mouthwatering abs—and nurse Imogen Donally hopes the next six months working in his remote mountain practice will be…more interesting than she'd originally thought!

Only, her Dr. Tall, Dark and Handsome quickly proves to be more Tall, Dark and Seriously Brooding…. Tough cookie Imogen has no desire ever to settle down, but even she is reluctantly intrigued by a man just as haunted by the past as she is. Could a red-hot fling with the sexy, stubborn doc be Imogen's undoing?

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Thank you, Melinda, for having me! The interview questions made me grin.

1.    What was the first romance novel you read that made an impression on you?
            The first book I read of my own free will was No Orchids By Request by Essie Summers. This is the book that is mentioned in the dedication to my Mom in Craving Her Rough Diamond Doc.

2.    What is your writing environment.
I’d like to say a dedicated corner of my bedroom, but it’s more like that’s where my desk is and I sprawl out on the bed with my lap desk, take over the kitchen table, and generally move around for no particular reason when I’m working on different aspects of my process. Sometimes I just really need a change of location to get my brain working.

3.  Most _W_E_I_R_D_ in high school. Why?
            My keen fashion sense? Or more accurately, I was goth and it really wasn’t cool to be goth yet. My younger brother was a Freshman when I was a Senior in our small country school, and one of his friends(unknowing I was his sister) pointed me out at lunch one day and warned him to stay away from me because I was a witch. (I wasn’t…)

4. Top three things on your bucket list.
            I want to visit every continent. Except Antarctica. I’m not a fan of cold, and I really don’t like hypothermia!
            I want to see the northern lights. Better. More Vibrant. When they’re not being hidden by tall hills J
            I want to spend the night in a haunted Scottish castle. And it might be my last night on earth when I get scared to death, so it better be on the bucket list.

5.    What’s your favorite body part of the opposite sex?
            Gosh, if I say penis will everyone think I’m a nympho? Or actually, brain is probably more accurate since nothing gets my attention faster than a smart mouth – but it isn’t objectifying enough! Hip bones!? No no… A SCULPTED BACK… Mmm sculpted… man… stuff…

Flirting Quickies:

Boxers or Briefs?

Facial hair or clean shaven?

Alpha or Beta?

Cat or dog?

Coffee or tea?

Vanilla or chocolate?

Sleep in or get up early?

Backpacking or luxury hotel?
Morning or night person?
Christmas or Halloween?

There will be prizes along the way so if you would like to follow the tour, behold the tour calendar in easy-peasy picture-clicky format!

Author Info
There's never been a day without stories playing in my head. But now when someone interrupts my daydreams to ask what I'm doing I get to say: Working!

I live with my family and a passel of critters in rural southern Ohio, in the rolling foothills of the Appalachian mountains,  on a cleared spot of land plopped in the middle of national forest.  Everywhere I look it's either hills with trees or fields with cows. If you had a view like that, you'd spend lots of time watching the people inside your head too.

I'm lying--I do that--the area is beautiful, the air is clean and fresh if you count out those gassy cows, and the people are nice. Plus, the
Great Serpent Mound is within easy driving distance if I ever feel the need to visit mysterious places--and really, who doesn't feel that need sometimes?

When not cow watching, mysterious place visiting, or writing, I love to read, watch movies, make stuff with my hands, and geek-out over documentaries. Any documentary. Even the ones with subjects I have absolutely no desire to learn about prior to discovering there is a documentary about it... I think it must be some kind of Geeky Syndrome which I shall one day try to have diagnosed and named after me.

I also like to learn various antiquated(yet awesome) skills. In case of Zombiepocalypse, I'll still have bread, cheese, jam, lacy under-things(I love tatting!), granulated sugar, fluffy marshmallows and I'll always have something new to read. Carbs 1 -- Zombies 0!
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  1. Thank you for hosting me today, Melinda. (Love the website banner, btw. Gorgeous!)

  2. Looks like an interesting read!! I also love your sense of humor. :D Have you learned the skill of making marshmallows??