Tuesday, December 17, 2013

[12 Days of Romance] Cooper's Redemption by D'Ann Lindun #giveaway #12Days

Elizabeth Adams is a Los Angles native who has always dreamed of living in the Rocky Mountains. She loves western movies and riding horses, and dreams of being a heroine in a western film. She gets her chance for real life adventure when her mother disappears from Salt Lick, Colorado, after going there to sell a ranch she inherited.

J.B. Cooper (just Cooper) is under suspicion for killing his neighbor, Henry Harper, over a water dispute. There is no evidence to convict him, but the shadow of doubt hovers around him. He just wants to be left in peace.

Circumstances throw Elizabeth and Cooper together when he tracks rustled cattle to her ranch . . . . and discovers a body in the barn. Once again, he is the suspect in a suspicious death. Elizabeth is convinced Cooper had nothing to do with the murder of her cousin because to her, he’s a true western hero. Together, they search for her mother, clear Cooper’s name, and fall in love along the way.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Twelve things to love about Cooper’s Redemption: 1. A cowboy hero! Cooper just wants to be left alone to run his small cattle ranch. 2. A spunky heroine! Elizabeth Adams is from L.A., but she’s dreamed of being a heroine in a western movie since she was a child. 3. A mystery! Where is Elizabeth’s mother, and who killed her uncle? 4. Small town Colorado! Salt Lick is set in a bowl between the San Juan Mountains of Colorado and the LaSalles of Utah! 5. Horses! Cooper and Elizabeth search for her mother on horseback. 6. A sleigh ride through the snow! Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells! 7. Deliciously bad guys. Who done it? The black duster gang, the shady lawman with an axe to grind, or the rich oilman? 8. Snow-covered cabins and fireplaces. See next! 9. Steamy nights! ‘nuff said. 10. Lost mines. Will Cooper and Elizabeth die in a mineshaft? 11. Puppies and kittens. What would Cooper and Elizabeth do without them? 12. A Merry Christmas. Will they have a wonderful holiday, or will tragedy shake them to the core?

D'Ann Lindun

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