Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[Book Release] Maybe Baby by Ashlinn Craven @Crimson_Romance

by Ashlinn Craven
Published by Crimson Romance  
24th February 2014

Polly Malone is the kind of woman who likes to plan ahead--far ahead. She’s scheduled her biological clock right into the next decade. There’s no time for that, she’s got a business to run. But underneath her tough-as-nails CEO exterior her heart is squishy, and when a simple act of generosity draws in a client’s inconveniently attractive brother, Julian, she gets sucked into his larger-than-life world in a manner that makes it very difficult to escape. Not that she’s sure she wants to escape.

Julian Ripley, a debonair, top London computer games CEO, is well used to dealing with the adversity and random selfishness that the people in his life manage to throw at him. With a lunatic ex-wife, a clingy sister, and some vicious backstabbing by underlings, spurred on by an impending corporate takeover, he’s got a lot on his plate. He handles it with the same panache he applies to driving his black Aston Martin.

It’s only when he discovers who Polly really is, and what she’s done, and what he, in turn, has mistakenly done, that his aura of controlled serenity gets a complete and utter battering.  

Even when their love seems like the impossible dream, the two CEOs team up to fight their demons and they run up against some painful home truths, drawing them ever closer together. But can their love survive or is it inconceivable?

Author Bio:

Ashlinn Craven enjoys writing “head versus heart” romances where lovers face toe-curling problems. She’s worked her way across the Continent before succumbing to blissful Alpine serenity, writing, marriage and motherhood. She lives in Zurich.
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Twitter (@AshlinnCraven).

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  1. Loved this book! So well done and funny. What a modern quandary.