Friday, April 11, 2014

UNVEILING YOU by Samantha Grey #Guestpost #Excerpts

Unveiling YouWhen I'm promoting a new book, I like choosing what excerpts to send to bloggers for promo posts or for my own blog. Every now and then, though, I have to think about the context. Does this portion make sense to someone who hasn't read what comes before this? Sometimes it doesn't make sense at all.

Like these 5 sentences that could mean anything:

  She looked at me like I’d grown an extra head. 

Why? Had he actually grown an extra head? Maybe he's just professed his love for her. Maybe he broke out into song and dance.

It was this crazy urge that came out of nowhere. 

An urge to. . .kiss somebody? Kill them? Say something she knows she shouldn't say?

“Of course I want to,” she whispered. 

Want to what?! You're killing me.

  Unlike last night, this was slow and deliberate. 

Oh, my. So what was last night like? And what are they doing that's so slow and deliberate?

  “You have a lot of sexting sessions?” 

Said who? To whom? In what kind of a voice? Is the speaker turned on, offended, upset, amused? Let your imagine run wild. You could even use them for your own writing, if you're a writer and you need something to start your next story. You have my permission. Or you could read the book and see what's up with sexting and crazy urges. Then all your questions will be answered. 

  The price of secrets can be too high… 

 Amy is starting the internship of her life for a prestigious antiques dealer. She knew it would look good on a resume, but a surprise trip to Paris and an assistant who is determined to keep her around make her want more. She could make this into a permanent job. If it weren’t for Caleb. He’s returned to his grandfather’s for a new job, even though he doesn’t need the money after selling his company. She’s up to the competition to prove herself, but soon it’s hard to ignore the sizzling tension between them. Neither are willing to give in if it means losing the chance at the job, but their attraction may be too strong. They risk everything if they’re found out — and Amy has been keeping secrets since she arrived, ones that could separate them forever.


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