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To celebrate the release of my anthology ONE LUCKY NIGHT, I've invited several author friends to share about when they've experienced luck in their life. I hope you enjoy! 

I am a firm believer that we make our own luck. And by 'making luck' I mean we create goals and work toward those goals to the best of our abilities. But there is still luck involved in that: I can sweat blood over a manuscript but if it hits an editor's desk right after she contracts a similar book…no joy. And I can make sure my self-published titles are edited and formatted as well as possible but if a reader doesn't connect with the characters…sadness.

So while I'm working to the best of my abilities, I'm also looking for those windows of opportunity – or luck.
Sometimes luck comes in dreams. This is going to sound a little bit woo-woo. But this is why I believe in working hard, making your own 'luck' and getting lucky:

Several years ago my husband and I were living in Nebraska – he worked at a local radio station, I worked at a local TV station. He called me one morning and told me he'd had a dream. In his dream, we played a KENO ticket and hit 8 out of 8 numbers (KENO is a lottery game). He said it was crazy but he really thought we should go buy a ticket and play the game that day. I said he was going to think I was crazy but I'd had a dream the night before – about our very conversation.
See? Woo-woo. I played the ticket for $20.

That night we went back to the restaurant where we bought the ticket. And we didn't hit 8 out of 8 numbers.

We hit 7 out of 8.
8 out of 8 would have won us $1000.
By hitting 7 out of 8 we turned our $20 into $475!
$475 isn't the same as winning a Mega Millions or anything…but for us, it was totally cool! 

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My Lucky "Mistake"
My publishing journey hasn't exactly been the most straightforward, but I wouldn't change a thing about it. This sometimes farcically bumpy road was one the luckiest ones I've ever stumbled upon. Because along the way, I met this amazing community of readers and writers, who I rely on for pretty-much everything. They are my sounding board, my advice-givers, my beta-readers, and my cheerleaders on the inevitable dark days. I adore y'all, and I'm so grateful I lucked into this little corner of the writing world. Skal!!


God was on my side when I left the beauty shop to find my passenger front tire low on air. I took it to Big O to have air added and the technician found a big nail in the tire that needed care right away. I signed in and arranged for the repair and an alignment/balancing before taking myself to lunch at a new Lithuanian restaurant. After a delicious and drawn-out meal of goulash and cabbage salad with Lazy chocolate cake for dessert, I walked back to Big O to be shown a tire with not only a nail but a torn section on the tire (which had been hidden by the metal rim). 

I'd planned a trip to Napa which included a half hour of tight curves. If the tear hadn't been discovered, the tire could have blown on one of those curves.

This got me thinking of other times when Life brought the right person or the right information into my life to prevent disaster. I said a prayerful "thank you" right then and there for those "taps on the shoulder" which keep me out of trouble.

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My Lucky Night
One of my most memorable lucky nights was the first evening of my honeymoon in Costa Rica. Now hold on, I’m not sharing that kind of story. No, this is about getting lucky with my husband in a different way. We were staying at a resort with a casino on site but our luck wasn't about money. It was about something much different. As soon as we arrived and made our way over the marble floors of this gorgeous hotel, we noticed something a little strange. We were the only ones at the reservation desk. We were the only guests in the lobby and finally the only people in the pool! The resort was empty, other than the hotel staff. Of course, I thought it was a bit odd, but then I ordered a margarita from the swim up bar and realized that it was pretty freaking awesome to have the whole place to ourselves. Part of the reason the hotel was vacant was due to timing, as we were married over Labor Day weekend, which just happens to be during off-season. However, nothing could have been more on, and I consider it to be one of the luckiest nights of my life.

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