Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What an Author Thinks on Release Eve! #OneLuckyNight

So, tomorrow is my newest RELEASE DAY for ONE LUCKY NIGHT, a group contemporary romance! 

Have you ever wondered what an author does on the night before release? I'm going to describe it in gifs, because what better way to understand the emotions and feelings than seeing it right before your eyes.

It all started one night way back in 2013 when Ana Blaze wrote me to ask me to join forces with a group of ladies to help write a novella about the Whelan family in Boston. Having worked with a few of the authors before, I immediately said yes! It really is fun!

YES, Yes, yes! 

After a few months of planning, researching and much discussion, we finally wrote our stories.

WORK, Work, work!
Our stories were finally finished, so we had to read each other's work, change any inconsistencies and revise. Sometimes this was a challenge, but other times it was super easy ... we'd even finish each other's sentences.

Now we're on RELEASE EVE ... our hearts are beating, our skin is prickling, our heads are buzzing with excitement!

What does an author do on their release eve? Well, here's what I do:

Run around in circles of excitement, forgetting about everything else I should be doing.

Telling everyone I meet that I have a release tomorrow. In the grocery store, at the gas station, walking down the hall at work. 

It's release eve! It's release eve!

And all the people around me, my kids, husband and friends are like, "Yeah we know."

And they don't get it. They need to be excited too. This is HUGE! 

Of course, I do have those friends and family who get it... and THANK YOU!

So, instead, I take a deep breath and pretend I'm not going to explode out of my skin. 

I hold it in until midnight. Yep! I stay up until midnight, because like a maniac, I've been checking and checking Amazon, and blogger links and anything and everything that has to do with my book. 

And some bloggers have the book up! 

Others have reviews up...We're told not to pay attention to them. Not to read them, but we all know we do it anyway!

I read a great review!

Maybe I'll read a not-so-great review...

But in the end, I fall asleep knowing that I have another book out, that I'm a multi-published author, that I followed my dream.

Not many people can say that they've written a book. I can. :)

So, to my writing partners, I say this!

I give ya'll a HIGH FIVE!


And I salute you all! Thank you for this opportunity to work with you again. Now, let's ROCK this release! 

And because it wouldn't be a blog post without a handsome hottie...

by Aria Kane, Grace Teague, Ana Blaze, Constance Phillips and Me

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  1. WHOO HOO! I'm so excited for you, Melinda! :-) MRS N

  2. Fun post!

    Happy for you. You SHOULD be excited. :)

  3. Great post - I was smiling the whole time! Good luck with your release!