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What makes a Great First Line? #amwriting

What makes a great first line? For me, it's the one line that hooks you and makes you want to keep reading the book. Sometimes it can be simple. Other times it can be complicated. But each and every line that grabs my attention have been funny -- or intriguing -- or something I can relate to.

I've been reworking an introduction of a WIP and as part of my revision, I've scoured my favorite reads first lines. In honor of this, I'm sharing my favorites below. 

"Saying that she went to the annual Firefighter's Charity Breakfast for pancakes was like saying she watched baseball for the game  -- when everyone knew that you watched baseball for the guys tight uniform pants." - Always on My Mind, Jill Shalvis

"Kate Evans would've sold her soul for a stress-free morning, but either her soul wasn't worth much or whoever was in charge of granting wishes was taking a nap." Rumor Has It, Jill Shalvis

"Liz Kowalski's thirty-year-old shitbox, loaded down with everything she owned, went by the Welcome to Whitford, Maine sign trunk-first, bald tires hydroplaning as it headed for the ditch." - Love a Little Sideways, Shannon Stacey

"Rational thought and a working knowledge of hand-to-hand combat were useless when faced with the villainous power of the American house spider." Two of a Kind, Susan Mallery

"In the split second before hell exploded, Jackson Wilder picked up his weapon and pounded the bastard back." - Sweetest Mistake, Candis Terry

"Apparently, even spammers were bound and determined to shove her lack of a love life in her face today." - Falling for Her Fiance by Cindi Madsen

How about from my own novels? I spend a lot of time trying to form the perfect first line that will make you want to read more. Here they are:

One Lucky Night: Drink or Dare
"May your troubles be less and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door," Killian recited the blessing his father taught him as he entered The Brazen Head.

Love and Other Games: Trouble with Gold
"Okay, buddies, this is the place," Chris declared displaying a wide grin under his retro beanie hat, splaying his hands out by his side.

Breaking the Rules
The minute Colin stepped foot into the middle school office, the sinking feeling dropped deep into the pit of his stomach.

Time Changes Everything (Temporarily unavailable)
Amanda's priorities for the evening did not include a night of playing hide-and-touch boy-toys with her friends.

The Boy Next Door (Temporarily unavailable)
With four words, Gabe ruined Amanda Larson's teenage life.

What is your favorite first line? Do you have a favorite author or one you've written in your own book? Please share in the comments!

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