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Unscripted Love by Heather Thurmeier #99cents


Hollywood and romance mix in this delightful trilogy that explores the passion that can develop from friendly rivals on reality television shows. It's a behind-the-scenes dream come true sure to capture fans of The Bachelor, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and American Idol.
  • Falling for You: Newly single Cassidy Quinn is thrilled to be a contestant on the new reality dating show, The One. But her excitement turns to horror when the gorgeous bachelor turns out to be her ex-boyfriend, Brad. Should she reunite with him or take a chance on hunky cameraman Evan?
  • Stuck on You: If being forced to team up with reality TV's favorite bad girl wasn't enough, falling for her partner's brother might just make this treasure-hunting reality show a real nightmare for Paige Anderson. But an alliance with Jack Miles might lead to more than just winning the prize . . .
  • Lost Without You: Reality TV diva Zoe Oliver is used to putting up a good front, but she isn't thrilled to rough it in the woods without indoor plumbing and electricity - and with producer Chip Carmack. When her secrets are revealed on camera, she worries she'll lose everything - including her chance at redemption and the affections of the only man she's ever trusted with her heart.

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[Book Tour] Tempt the Night by Dixie Lee Brown #Excerpt #Giveaway

Tempt the Night
Trust No One # 5
By: Dixie Lee Brown
Releasing February 24th, 2015
Avon Impulse

Dixie Lee Brown concludes her thrilling Trust No One series with the fast-paced tale of a damaged hero and the sexy fugitive he can't help falling for.

Samantha "Mac" McCallister barely believes her own tale of dirty cops and murder that landed her in the hands of the sexy Jim Brady. One minute she was enjoying a ride-along in her best friend's cruiser, the next he's dead and she's wanted for his murder. Mac never expected to be hiding out from the law, but with Jim by her side, maybe she can survive long enough to clear her name. The question is, can she survive the way Jim makes her feel?

Former Navy Seal Jim Brady works best under pressure. At least he used to. Now, fighting flashbacks from his time in Iraq, he has given up everything he knows in order to protect the innocent … from himself. So working with a woman on the run from the law? Not in his plans for this lifetime. Still, something about the blue-eyed beauty tells him she's not the source of the danger—she's running from it. Deep down he knows he'll protect her no matter what. But his heart? That's another story.

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“Mac? Are you still at Wagner’s?” Lucas’s voice rose for a second before his customary calm returned. “I’ll call it in. Stay on the line, Mac.”
“No…I can’t. I have to help him. Tell them to hurry, Lucas.” She dropped the phone and smiled at Paddy even though her heart was aching. “They’ll be here in no time. Now, let’s get this bleeding stopped.” She glanced around and spotted a stack of towels near a sink. Jumping up, she grabbed several of them. As she knelt beside him again and began applying pressure to his wounds, he put his hand to his throat and formed words with his lips, but, except for his frustrated grunts, no sounds came out.
Mac placed her fingers on his lips and held his gaze until he quieted. “Tell me later, after they get you patched up.” There were a thousand questions she wanted to ask, but now wasn’t the time.
The fear that grew in his eyes almost did her in. Slowly, he slid his hand to his badge and pulled it free. He pressed it against her hand frantically, until she had to leave the towel and take it from him. Next he reached for his gun and became highly agitated when it wasn’t in his holster.
“It’s okay, Paddy. It’s by the door. I saw it on my way in.”
If she had let him, he would have crawled over to retrieve it. After ordering him to lie still, she went and got the weapon. He was pulling a business card from his front shirt pocket when she knelt beside him again, and he shoved it at her along with the gun she tried to put in his holster. She had no idea why he wanted her to have those items, only that he was calmer when she gave in and held them in her hands.
Too calm. Paddy’s eyes fell shut and his breathing reduced to a shallow inhale with no apparent exhale. Where was that damn ambulance? Didn’t they know her best friend’s life was leaking out through her fingers?
“Stay with me, Paddy. You hear? You’re going to owe me big time when you’re back on your feet. I’m going to take you up on that trip to Hawaii you’re always yammering about.” She was only talking to give him something to hold onto, but hope sparked within her when a tiny trace of a smile flitted across his face.
Mac heard something downstairs and then voices. The backup Lucas had called for had finally arrived. She was about to scramble to her feet, go to the door, and holler for them when Paddy caught her wrist with more strength than he should have had. The gaze that met hers was clear and purposeful.
“Help has arrived.” She tried to pull free, but he held her tightly and slowly wagged his head from side to side. Glancing toward the door again, she tensed. “Do you think the perps are coming back?”
Paddy nodded. Then, with deliberate intent, he motioned toward the other side of the room with his eyes, once…twice…three times, and mouthed a word she couldn’t mistake.
Her gaze turned in the direction he indicated. Like any other kids who’d grown up in Sitka and spent any time with old man Wagner in his fish packing plant, they were both intimately familiar with his office.
She faced Paddy again. “You want me to hide in the dumbwaiter?”
He nodded and swept his eyes that direction again as though trying to hurry her.
“You’re crazy if you think I’m going to leave you.” She turned away as tears filled her eyes.

Still grasping her wrist, he pulled her down and toward his face until his lips hovered by her ear. “Do… it… for… me.”

Author Info

DIXIE LEE BROWN lives and writes in Central Oregon, inspired by what she believes is the most gorgeous scenery anywhere. She resides with two dogs and a cat, who make sure she never takes herself too seriously. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, movies, and trips to the beach.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads 
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[Book Tour] The Trouble with Sexy by Codi Gary #Giveaway

The Trouble With Sexy
By: Codi Gary
Releasing February 10, 2015
Avon Impulse  


Fact: Ryan Ashton has never been the hottest girl in the room.

Prim and proper doesn't really lend itself to sexy, but Ryan's okay with that. She's come to terms with her perpetual single status. Or at least she would have, if it weren't for her deliciously gorgeous boss.

Fact: Gregg Phillips is sex on a stick.

And Ryan knows that if she wants him to sit up and take notice of her, she's gotta take a chance … and ditch the frumpy librarian look she's been rocking for way too long. It's gonna take a whole new wardrobe and the help of the local sex kitten to make it happen, but Ryan's up for it. After all, true love is worth the trouble—and that's a fact.

Previously appeared in the anthology Kiss Me.

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Author Info
An obsessive bookworm, CODI GARY likes to write sexy small-town contemporary romances with humor, grand gestures, and blush-worthy moments. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading her favorite authors, squealing over her must-watch shows, and playing with her children. She lives in Idaho with her family.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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[Blog Tour] A Thousand Stolen Moments by Connie Ann Michael #Giveaway #Excerpt

A Thousand Stolen Moments banner

Anaiah Press proudly presents
a military romantic novel available on March 3!

Can you choose between fighting for your life and fighting for your heart?  

When twenty-two year old Emme Sawyer joins a Marine unit heading into Helmand Providence, she focuses on what she does best: keeping her men safe. But, when the unit is hit by an IED, Emme realizes she can’t save everyone. With her humanity on the line, and her faith in question, she seeks comfort from Raven, her commanding officer. Soon, Emme develops feelings that don’t belong in a combat zone, where each step could be your last.  

Raven keeps his emotions locked up tight, never allowing the men to see him sweat. But when Emme joins his unit, all bets are off; and the feelings he thought he left stateside begin to emerge. Knowing that the deserts of Afghanistan are the last place to start a romance, and the United States military’s view on fraternizing; Raven tries to deny his heart. Emme and Raven learn you can’t always choose where love finds you. And that sometimes, you just have to trust in God’s plan.  

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About the Author:
Cnnie Ann Michael

Connie grew up in Seattle but moved to Central Washington to be closer to all things outdoors. Married with two college boys she keeps busy kayaking, mountain biking, skiing ,and hiking through the beautiful hills of the Wenatchee Valley. Growing up with a love of reading the transition into writing seemed natural and she can be found on summer days writing under the tree in her front yard surrounding by her three dogs.

Connect with Connie:
Website      Twitter       Goodreads      Facebook     Amazon

Book Excerpt
The freezing temperatures of the night woke Doogie. The area was quiet, except for a few light snores coming from the men. She got up, stretched her muscles, and then grabbed an MRE and headed to the fire.
Raven’s shadowed outline was visible next to the fire as she approached.
“Quiet tonight,” she said.
“You should be sleeping. Not sure when it will be this quiet again.” Raven’s deep voice sent a chill through her.
“I’m not much of a sleeper.”
“We have guys with NVG’s watching. The Taliban might be using the dark to maneuver around our flanks. But I don’t think so. You should at least rest.”
“Hmm,” she hummed while she squeezed the bag she held.
“What’s for dinner?” Raven’s expression was more relaxed than usual.
“Uh?” Doogie held the label toward the fire. “Applesauce. But it’s debatable as to the amount of apples in it.”
“I have some beef stew in my pack if you want it. You can’t keep up with only applesauce.”
“Why is it always stew? Why can’t they MRE a cheese burger?” Doogie sucked on the bag.
“I think the food has to be juicy to get out of the bag.” Raven shrugged.
“Stew has chunks of mysterious stuff. You’d think a few chunks of normal food would fit in there. Besides, ketchup is juicy.”
“Well when you get out you can go into the business of creating wonderful gourmet MRE’s. The men would love you.”
“And the women.” Doogie smiled at him.
The corner of Raven’s mouth looked like it might have turned up, but she wasn’t sure. “Who can forget the women?”
“I’ll hire you if you need a job after the war,” Doogie offered.
Raven snuck a quick glance at her before returning to stare at the fire. “I’d appreciate that. I could be your tester. I’ll see if the cheeseburger is up to par. I’ve been known to cook a mean burger.”
“Excellent. Maybe you could even cook the burger since I don’t cook.” Doogie rubbed her hands together at the thought of seeing Raven after the war.
“You don’t cook?” Raven seemed surprised.
“I enlisted at nineteen so didn’t have time to hone my domestic skills.”
“Oh,” was all he said.
They stood in awkward silence for a few minutes.
“Today’s Valentine’s Day,” she blurted.
Raven narrowed his eyes, his mouth in its signature scowl, and then started to laugh. “Yeah, I guess it is.”
“It’s just. Well Tahk told me.” She was such a dork.
“Was he planning a party? Handing out Valentines to the locals?”
Doogie’s head jerked to look over at Raven. Had he just tried to be funny? She’s never had an actual conversation with him. Usually he talked at her…or yelled at her. She let out a stiff laugh. “No.”
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[SaleBlast] Love's Replay by Synithia Williams #99cents #giveaway

Grab a Copy of LOVE'S REPLAY for ONLY $0.99
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Love’s Replay
Henderson Family # 2
Synithia Williams
Released December 15th, 2014
Crimson Romance

David Henderson is willing to do just about anything to stop his father from selling the family's successful automotive dealership. And that means proving to his pops that he's serious about his future. Even getting married and having kids is on the table - especially when the love of his life, a woman he hurt through foolish mistakes, walks back in on his brother's arm. He vows he'll grab this second chance to make things right.

Sandra Miller didn't think twice about the opportunity to move to a new city for her career. But the success she needs comes at a high price: she'll have to partner with David Henderson, the man who said he loved her then crushed her heart. He's making it clear he wants her back, but is the potential personal pain worth the professional gain?

Neither can ignore the desire simmering between them. But the mistrust and jealousy that tore them apart before is determined to prevent a replay of their love.

Amazon | Barnes | iTunes | Kobo

Synithia Williams has enjoyed romance novels since she was 13 years old, so it’s no surprise that she began writing her own. When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s working on water quality in the Midlands of South Carolina. She lives with her husband, Eric, and two boys.
Find Her Here

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Authors Share Their Time Out for Valentine's Day

In honor of Valentine's Day and my Valentine's Day novella, Time Out, Valentine, a few guest authors and I will share our best TIME OUT. It's so much fun to have Kristina, Rachel and Lynn here. Hope you enjoy...

From Me, Melinda Dozier, author of Time Out, Valentine from The Wild Rose Press.
My favorite romantic time out with hubby was a few years ago for our anniversary. We splurged on a night at a fancy boutique hotel in a quaint old historical town in Guatemala called Antigua. The hotel used to be a convent and it's very small and intimate. The room had a private garden and a fireplace, a bathroom with robes and slippers, music that played throughout the bedroom/shower ... and I always think this is a sign of "fanciness" ... a phone next to the toilet. The hallways were lit at night by candlelight and I could almost imagine the nuns walking around ... almost. Despite that vision, hubby and I had a very romantic evening. The atmosphere had a lot to do with it, but the alone time with my hubby was the frosting on the cake.

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From author Kristina Knight, author of The Daughter He Wanted, Harlequin Superromance
Best Time Out:

Two years ago, RadioMan, bebe and I took a cruise with our extended family (his mom, my mom, one of my brothers). The grandmothers took bebe off our hands one night so we could have a date - so we did the fancy ship restaurant and wine and delish desserts. But my favorite time of the night was after: We decided to wander the deck for a while and when we got to the back side, no one was out. The twinkle lights were on and there were a million stars in the sky. We sat down and just watched the sky and talked about nothing. It was the best time - and it was February 14th!

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From author Rachel Brimble, author of What a Woman Desires, a Kensington Historical
My best romantic Time Out…
I am lucky enough to be married to a very romantic man (not that he realizes it!) and my wonderful Mr B has done many romantic things for me over our 22 years together.
If I have to pick one that will never, ever leave my memory for as long as I live was when I mentioned that my favorite author Nora Roberts, was coming to Ireland to do a book signing. I was desperate to go as I live in England and this would most likely be the closest she ever came to visit.
Within 6 hours of telling my husband, he had booked a flight to Ireland and also a night at the fabulous hotel where Nora was signing and staying. Ashford Castle is the most amazingly romantic, beautiful place I have ever seen, and certainly stayed. I truly didn’t want to leave… sigh
I not only got a book signed by Nora and talked to her about my own writing, but enjoyed an afternoon tea, listened as Nora gave fabulous interview with her UK editor AND a hello from her later on in the hotel bar. I was heaven! On top of all this, my husband and I were upgraded to one of their best rooms…it was phenomenal.
Without doubt, a romantic Time Out!

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From author Lynn Burke, author of Susceptible to Him from Evernight Publishing.

As a mother of three little ones, and a husband who doesn't like to ever leave them behind, I've had all of ONE date in the last 3 years. Yes, ONE. Sad, isn't it?
My parents came for a visit last summer, and I INSISTED that Rob and I go out for dinner. We'd had a $50 gift certificate for a local restaurant in my sock drawer for a few years...time to use it already! My parents were more than happy to watch the kids, but it took a little nagging to get Rob to agree.
I made reservations for 4:30, which left more than enough time for us to make it back home before the kids' bedtimes.
We had a great Italian dinner, I enjoyed some vino, and we shared a cannoli. Mmmmmmm! While walking back to the car, Rob said to me, "You know, I actually had butterflies in my stomach before tonight." When I asked why, he said he was afraid we wouldn't have anything to talk about. I had to laugh, because we chatted the entire time about lovely meaningless things - NOT THE KIDS!!!!!!! - and laughed a lot. 
We've decided to 'date' more often...just haven't had the chance again. 

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[Book Tour] Touch and Go by Mira Lyn Kelly #Giveaway #Excerpt

Touch & Go
Dare to Love # 2
By: Mira Lyn Kelly
Releasing February 17th, 2015


USA Today bestselling author Mira Lyn Kelly cranks up the heat for two lifelong friends whose most secret longings come true in every delectable way.

Vivacious and successful, Ava Meyers is living her dream life, except for one thing: Ever since childhood, she’s been in love with her best friend . . . and she’s never admitted it. Back then, Sam Farrow was a damaged young man with a tough past. Now he’s supremely confident, super-sexy, and totally untouchable—until the night when Sam pretends to be Ava’s boyfriend to save her from some unwanted attention. In a moment of weakness, Ava finds out that a long friendship is no match for blistering sexual chemistry.

After years of denying his own feelings, Sam finds that one amazing night with Ava isn’t enough to chase away all the pent-up fantasies. So he proposes they spend a few weeks driving each other wild, exhausting their every desire, and then return to their perfect platonic relationship like nothing ever happened. But Sam’s plan has one fatal flaw: the part where they give each other up. Because the more they let go of their inhibitions, the more they’re tempted to never go back.

The heavy thunk of a door closing behind them had both women turning to where Wicker Park’s top contractor had parked on the other side of the fence. Sam Farrow rounded the hood of his truck, his wild mop of golden blond catching in the breeze as his long-legged stride ate through the distance between them. He was wearing the Maui Jim Pilot sunglasses Ava bought him for Christmas, a white, long-sleeved T-shirt pushed up his lean-muscled forearms and which hung half tucked over a pair of faded blues and a thick brown leather belt. He was flashing an easygoing grin that was practically his natural state of rest, but even from the distance, she could see something wasn’t quite right.
Maggie waved. “Hi, Sam.”
“Everything okay?” Ava asked, moving her stuff to make room for him.
“Hey, Maggs,” he offered, dropping into the open seat, before turning to Ava.
“I don’t know, Ave. There I am, walking the aisles of Home Depot, deep in my happy place, when my phone rings and I answer it to Tony croaking out, ‘Looks like Ava’s got a taste for some Tony potpie after all.’”
She cringed and swung around to Maggie. “You see why I need Tyler to take me?”
Maggie let out an indelicate snort as she collected her stuff. “Tyler’s back.”
Down the block, Tyler Wells—the borrowed date who apparently would not be hers—rounded the corner at a steady jog and Maggie pushed up from her seat, her eyes still on her fiancĂ©, who definitely made running look good.
“Later, guys,” she said, heading out.
Sam stretched his arm across the back of the bench and then pulled off his shades, revealing eyes the same color as the worn denim that had so much been a part of his wardrobe since the first day Ava met him.
“Want to tell me why Tony thinks he’s got a date with you?”
Man, he had the best eyes.
“Because you’re an asshat,” Ava stated flatly. “You totally abandoned me. Left me completely high and dry, and after all the times I’ve stood in for you when one of your whirlwind one-nighters suddenly decides she wants more, like a month or forever? You should be ashamed of yourself.”
Sam was nodding, the grin on his face going wider with her every word. “Right. Obviously, I’m the root cause. But maybe you could be a little more specific about the how, what, when, and where of it?”
Ava snuggled in closer to him on the bench, because there was nothing better than the clean smell of his Irish Spring soap, and he was warm and she was a snuggler by nature, so it’s just what she did. And then she proceeded to remind him about the law mixer she’d asked him to plus-one for, how he’d turned her down, and how Steven—who wasn’t actually a stalker, but had serious persistence issues—was going to be there and she wanted to lose him as passively as possible.
Sam pulled his phone from his pocket, dialed, and then held it up to his ear. “Hey, gorgeous. Can’t make it Friday. Rain check? . . . You’re perfect, marry me . . . Yeah, well I’m still picking out china patterns. Later.”
He stared down at her. “All you had to do was say it was serious.”
Ava gaped. “I did. In fact I think my exact words were, ‘Sam, this is serious. I’m desperate.’”
He shook his head, all don’t-give-me-that. “Uh-uh. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Every time you run out of Spicy Thai Kettle Chips, you swear up and down it’s an emergency, and we both know it isn’t that big a deal. You should have said it was Tony serious.”
Ava huffed but after an eye roll was willing enough to agree, because it looked like her best buddy was going to bail her out after all. “Fine. Sorry. I should have told you it was Tony serious.”
Not one to hold a grudge, Sam grinned. “I forgive you. So. What exactly do you need me to do?”

Simple. “Pretend you love me.”

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Author Info
USA Today bestselling author Mira Lyn Kelly grew up in the Chicago area and earned her degree in Fine Arts from Loyola University. She met the love of her life while studying abroad in Rome, Italy, only to discover he’d been living right around the corner from her back home. Having spent her twenties working and playing in the Windy City, she’s now settled with her husband in rural Minnesota, where their four beautiful children and naughty dog provide an excess of action and entertainment. When she isn’t reading, writing, or running to keep up with the family, she loves watching movies, blabbing with the girls, and cooking with her husband and friends.

Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest

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