Trouble With Gold

US snowboarder and notorious prankster, Ty (Trouble) Madsen is only getting a taste of his own medicine when his Olympic teammates shackle him to a fence wearing nothing but his boxers.  

Reception and protocol volunteer, Nadia Hoffman, gets up close and personal with the sexy snowboarder to rescue him, but she's not the kind of girl who lets her hormones get in her way.  A professional performance could help her land her dream job at Olympics Committee Headquarters, but her new assignment supervising the rambunctious US Snowboarding Team is making that difficult.  

Can she see behind the snowman in the community center bathroom and into the warm heart of the man everyone calls Trouble?

What Others Are Saying:

"My favorite story was Trouble with Gold because of the cute banter between Nadia and Ty." - Long and Short Reviews

"The best way to describe this novella is adorable. We have Ty Madison (aka Trouble) an Olympic snowboarder. Ty is aiming to win gold. However, his teammates decided to play a little joke on him. Good thing they did, because he was able to meet Nadia Hoffman. He's all about having fun, while she might be a stick in the mud. When she's around Ty, she starts to learn she can have fun and get what she wants. Verdict: CUTE." - Melody May

" I am super excited for the actual winter Olympics to start in a couple of weeks, so this book was perfect to get me in the mood. If only the real Olympics were this fun and lovey dovey. All of the stories were a ton of fun and I enjoyed them all. I think my favorite out of the four was Trouble with Gold by Melinda Dozier. I just loved the fun loving dynamic between Nadia and Ty." - Book Briefs

"My heart was captured by the prankster snowboarder Ty(aka Trouble) and the sweet yet determined to have "fun" volunteer Nadia. Ty finds himself in an awkward situation and Nadia rescues him and he considers her his "lucky lady". " -Booklover Sue

"In Trouble With Gold – I laughed out much here. The US Snowboarders are naughty guys who have a lot of pranks in store for several athletes. Ty was given a dose of his own medicine when his teammates shackle him into a fence on a very cold snowy night wearing only his boxers – until Nadia, a volunteer, had saved his balls from literally turning blue. Nadia was a professional – she was focused, and career driven. All she wanted was a job in the Olympics Committee Headquarters, and this volunteer job would help her land it. It didn’t help when she was ordered to babysit the US Snowboarding team. I loved Ty and the rest of the US Snowboarders. They are fun, but when it comes to their sport – they are a serious bunch. I like how patient Ty was in thawing Nadia. He knew he wanted her the first time he saved her. But it would take a whole lot of hard work before he gets the girl." -Book Freak

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